SEO… what are you thinking it is?

Search Engine Optimization is modern marketing jargon meaning “how much do I hate my money, and how fast can I waste it?”

Or… Re-Think SEO… and go back to basics of business.... Challenge yourself and your team to flip the script when you hear or say SEO to “Seek Experience Outcomes” or “Seek Emotions Out”… which is my jargon for “invest your money, and look to create a return on your investment.”

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Sales Training - Time Wasted or Invested?

For sales training to be truly impactful and effective, it can’t follow a “tried and true” method that “guarantees” results. While there can be overarching concepts such as hard work, active listening, and joint venturing, for sales training to REALLY work, it must get to the “why” each individual salesperson is failing. In general, salespeople fail for some reasons:

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